The Bieber Group Welcomes You!

The Bieber Group was formed out of a passion to provide clients with a pleasant real estate experience. Our team has years of experience in Real Estate, mortgage lending, banking and title/escrow which provides you with a distinct level of talent. To find out more about our team members, click on their profiles below or call 623-282-4328

 Important skills The Bieber Group share:

  • Communication- The Bieber Group discovered through industry surveys that one of the biggest complaints from buyers and sellers is a lack of communication and unresponsiveness. The Bieber Group is committed to making sure you never experience this issue.
  • Attentive- Every client has different wants and needs. Listening and understanding these essential details will avoid confusion, frustration, and headache. The Bieber group understands the importance of being attentive, that’s why focusing on our clients ultimate goal always comes first.
  • Knowledgeable- One of the Bieber Groups' priorities is staying current on the market. Having comprehensive knowledge of the market provides you with a powerful understanding of real estate trends.
  • Negotiation skills- Experienced negotiation skills can be critical when buying and selling a property. Having an inexperienced negotiator could be the difference in overpaying or not receiving 'top dollar' for your home. The Bieber Group has a proven track record of negotiation and will actively work in an attempt to get you the best possible deal.

Meet the Team